May 30

Peer support Training – 2012

We have linked with an organisation in Georgia via a lady who was a British Citizen and already has great experience in setting up training. This is their definition of Peer support: A Peer Supporter is a person with a disability who has learned life strategies, how to be a self-advocate, and how to live independently and has acquired the skills to help others do the same.

A Peer Supporter differs from a counsellor or an advocate in that a Peer Supporter does not tell his/her peers how to live their life. Rather, a Peer Supporter offers the benefit of his/her own experiences, passing along the encouragement and support needed for others to construct their own advocacy and life strategies to bring about desired goals. We are proposing a three day training programme between the dates of week commencing 18th June 2012 covering soft skills and specific skills and some input from DWP and Job Centre plus. The minimum number for the training will be 10 and we shall be meeting in Nettleham for the training – subject to confirmation.

Contact Susan or Iggy for further information