Jul 11

We need you to help shape the future of personal budgets and direct payments


We would like your help to shape the future of personal budgets and direct payments in Lincolnshire by contributing to our steering group.



Lincolnshire County Council and the NHS are working together to improve the patient journey for individuals that would benefit from personal budgets in health and social care, this will include direct payments. The project team responsible for working on these changes would like to start a steering group made up of people who have a personal or professional interest in the topic, to provide knowledge and learning that will inform what the project delivers.


What Are We Asking For?

The steering group will be hosted every month in the early stages of the project and then around key decision making. It is likely that the group meetings will be held

At this early stage can you please respond to this email to register your interest in attending the steering group?

Could we also ask you start to considered appropriate service users and patients that might want to attend the meetings? These may also be parents, guardians and representatives


Need More Information?

The attached document will give you some additional context. Please also feel free to reply to us on this email for extra information.


Kind Regards


James Vickers AMBCS

email: james.vickers@lincolnshire.gov.uk


Joining Up Personal Budgets in Health