Mar 21

NHS Lincolnshire ask for input on 2016-18 Equality Strategy.

The NHS’ Lincolnshire Partnership have published their Equality Strategy for 2016-2018 (which can be found here).

The aim of the strategy is as follows:

The strategy will ensure that equality and diversity issues are incorporated into our everyday business.  It covers all the protected characteristics of gender, disability (including learning disability), race, sexual orientation, age, religion and belief, maternity and paternity rights, transgender and marriage and civil partnerships. The strategy helps us to meet our legal commitments, as well as the need for all staff to comply under equality law. It also covers all areas of equality whether covered by legislation or not.

We are now consulting on the strategy and would like to gain your views on the work we have undertaken so far.  You can view the draft LPFT Equality Strategy 2016-18 via the useful links section opposite.

By consulting on this document we can reassure our service users, carers and you as staff, that the practices we apply are fair and equal for all.


If you would like to have your voice heard on this matter you can send your feedback to:

Sophie Ford,

Equality and Diversity Lead,

Gervas House, Long Leys Road,




Alternatively, you can email or phone direct on 01522 421512.