Jul 08

To all, the following is an important message from LIL

We would really appreciate it if you could follow the link below and participate in this consultation. The consultation is with regard to the Personal Independence Payment mobility and distance rule. The current powers that be want to introduce a 20m rule, i.e. if you can move 20 meters then you may not get the higher rate of the mobility component of PIP. The argument by disability organisations is that we should retain the 50m rule as is the current DLA  requirement. This is the same as Employment Support Allowance as well and therefore this should be the limit.


Obviously if the government implement the 20m rule this will have a huge impact on the amount of people who get the higher rate, the knock on effect being loss of entry to the motability scheme, on which a huge amount of disabled people rely on.


Please participate and let your voice be heard.



Jul 03

Interested in Volunteering for LIL?

LIL are looking for volunteer advocates to become part of our team in helping the disabled community in Lincolnshire. We are looking to create hubs of local advisors, who will support  disabled people in fulfilling their potential and give them more choice .

Our team of advocates will receive a full weeks training, and will be paid  expenses and mileage. Once trained the peer supporters, will go out in the communities to offer advice and support where required. The whole project  will be supported by VoiceAbility, the counties advocacy service.

Training will include supporting people through the benefit changes, managing direct payments, employing carers and help and advice in looking for jobs.

This is a great opportunity to get trained and support local people in your area. Anyone interested should respond via email to  sarah.owen@voiceability.org

Jul 02

Disability Related Updates

Adults Social Care Criteria – The link to the discussion document is attached. In essence the Government want all authorities to adopt the same level, this equates to a substantial level under the present criteria. Below is a discussion document and within are contact details for people to send their comments and concerns.

It is early days yet, but LIL would value any concerns you have, which we can add to a joint response.



The Government’s Office of Disability Issues have published their vision as to the support and steps they hope to take to improve the lives of disabled people.  The Second link below is an action plan in relation to the Fulfilling Potential document. Again let us know your thoughts.

Fulfilling Potential – Making it happen Document


Fulfilling Potential Action Plan


-Iggy Patel

Jun 27

New Website is Live!

After agreement at today’s board meeting we are going live. Welcome to the new look LIL website. Don’t forget to like us on facebook and follow us on twitter to keep up to date with what’s happening.

May 30

Peer support Training – 2012

We have linked with an organisation in Georgia via a lady who was a British Citizen and already has great experience in setting up training. This is their definition of Peer support: A Peer Supporter is a person with a disability who has learned life strategies, how to be a self-advocate, and how to live independently and has acquired the skills to help others do the same.

A Peer Supporter differs from a counsellor or an advocate in that a Peer Supporter does not tell his/her peers how to live their life. Rather, a Peer Supporter offers the benefit of his/her own experiences, passing along the encouragement and support needed for others to construct their own advocacy and life strategies to bring about desired goals. We are proposing a three day training programme between the dates of week commencing 18th June 2012 covering soft skills and specific skills and some input from DWP and Job Centre plus. The minimum number for the training will be 10 and we shall be meeting in Nettleham for the training – subject to confirmation.

Contact Susan splipscombe@uwclub.net or Iggy spion1901@gmail.com for further information